First date with my love


It was around a year back when I and my girlfriend went for dinner. It was a decent restaurant and charge heavily.we had our dinner, then my girlfriend asked to pack another dinner with the same food. I was surprised why she is asking for another dinner. I asked her many times but she didn't let me know. Then she takes me to a place having a dirty background and stuff. There, under beneath a tree, there was one person sleeping shirtless.she took the dinner pack and placed near his head and asked me to hide near that tree only. I was seriously amazed to see another side of my girlfriend. After some 20 min. I was burst in tears to see his reaction. The way he was enjoying the meal was seriously amazing. After that incident, we started to do it more often and enjoyed it.

Love May 5th 2020 417 views

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    2020-06-18 15:48:45
    Hagne ka mann kar rha h ye padke 😑

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