Husband wife- Game of Lies


We have been married couple since 2 yr and it's an arrange marriage. We both work at corporate and have a different profiles at different company. Me as commodity trader and she as HR. Our relationship is going good. But we the peoples' always hold some secrets and choose how much to reveal accordingly. My dear does the same she tells me everything like about her day at job, a little party she had and how much she miss me except truth ( which I will tell you later). There is so little she reveal to me or I to her and I bet her family knows her even less. What she is to me not to her family and what she is to me not to her BF!.

weeks ago I came to know about her this secret, other life she is having behind us. Sunday noon I noticed that she received an emoji on her messenger showing a red rose which was Send by any guy. Instead of reacting immediately I resisted myself from reading that message because once I read that msg I can't undo it and she will get a trickle of doubt that if I know her office secret. Later that day, when she was sleeping I open her messenger and saw all their conversation (which were not normal) they had that day and there were no previous record of conversation but looking into their messages I can surely say that they were contacting each other from long time.

After that incident lava of anger erupted inside me but as I learned in finance when the stakes are high and against you then survive, strive, drive and thrive. I like the way she played all this game, the way she lied, the way she manipulate I impressed with her cunningness.

Now, it's my turn to attack. As sun zu said be delusional, appear weak when you are strong and let your plans be dark as impenetrable and give your enemy the final blow as hard as thunderbolt. 

I have to hurt her from inside beacuse there is where it pains the most, nevertheless how much you hurt you can't go to jail. Because there is a law for breaking a bone but not for breaking a heart and choking a mind. 

I will make her secret relationship weak, make her sister and her mother relationship with their respective husband's worst, strategies a way to make leave her job (make her dependent to me) and give final blow by creating an illusion that j came know the truth about her secret relationship indirectly which I take as a reason to file a case and give a divorce without sharing my penny to her. 


This is how you devour a ship by removing one bolt at a time. As the life proceeds and make things work, I will continue to write here in this website about how I devour my dear. Have a great day.

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