Husband wife- Game of Lies 2


Continuing to my previous confession where I  explain how in our lives we all play our own game of Lies , some feels value in having secrets while some feel trapped to it. Talking to similar I confessed how we newly-weds playing our game of lies, the facade of love and care we created against each other and what will be my move to check mate my wife in this game.

After revelation of her secret I simply noticed her daily schedule how she react to a risky situation. As we know in every game we should know our opponent well following this I decided to understand how my wife will react to that situation and what she will do to overcome it. On Friday night, at 7:30 pm I went her office without prior notice. After reaching there I found she was out with some senior. After asking her colleague I got furhter details about where they were I went there catch her up with middle-age men. After my surprise visit, I swear to god she never flinch for second with her words instead she introduced me to that men asked me to sit with them and not only that instead of making it quick or hurry we were there for more than 30 minutes more. Seeing all her there I'm start receiving thoughts if I'm all wrong about her? (That is the quality of good liar, he/she makes believe that he/she lacks talent of lying). That was the incident where I should understand that taking her down will not be easy. Instead of defending herself she attacked me and created a doubt within me which forces me to question my own thoughts. 

Now I could tell you what I had done to make dent in their relationship and it may have been success to some scope but what wife in her mind was beyond to my idea and I never got a sense of what was coming to me. Next Saturday she goes to banglore to her parent's house with a pretext of her father health, leaving me a note which is about to turn the table of this game. 

In this letter she quote " Hey dear, I know that you found my secret and looking all your action from past week I can guess what you are upto. You really upset me dear instead of acting like adult and having a proper discussion about that you choose to respond. I know why you choose to did that because it may had hurt your pride, you call yourself as the men of action. My God! Your addiction for action such a foolish.

Let me tell, why people like you are crazy about politicians and superheroes because of action, people want someone to stand and do something, take some action it doesn't matter what they do and how they do it people will enjoy, happy to cheer, support and follow them as long as they doing something. Such a Pathetic. Frankly I don't blame you for all this it's because of all indecision in your lives and apathy within you. You deserve all this I don't care if I'm right or wrong if you love me or hate me as long as I win. Ok you want to play this way by destroying my life Now, it's my turn to respond. remember your demonetization fraud? and you share me everything about how you did it? LOL 😙. Never share your secret with friend, best friend and your wife also (haha) they know already enough about you and they can beome worst enemy you can get. I will email all the details to Mr.Ramesh (my company CFO) explaining all the details of your scam. Bhagwan aapko shakti de. Om Shanti 🙏 ".

Prior reading this letter I was all confident feeling myself ahead in this game of lies. But it all shattered it was actually my wife who proves herself as the master in this game of lies she not only lied she also make me believed that she lacks the talent of lying! and hunted me down making the score of this game 0-2 (0 me, 2 Wife).

What was the scam? How she all planned this make this successfully execute? How we both move ahead? I will explain it later. This confession has already become too long to read. Have a great day.

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