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Before coming to IIT, I wanted to be a scientist. After spending 2 fruitful years, my life has undergone a radical transformation. Now I dream of becoming a porn star. I feel it the most satisfying job in the world. For the past 60 years, IIT has grossly neglected the porn industry, as a result, the industry has not developed to its full potential. I want to be a pioneer and introduce some path-breaking changes. We were the ones who created Kamasutra and yet we don't have indigenous websites that can challenge the mighty "naughty America". From my months of research on desi videos, I have found that Indians don't show grace and elegance in bed. I need to change these doggy habits. Before it becomes too late, I need to revive the aesthetic sense of people. But I don\'t know how to tell my parents ( Papa, I will be earning less but I will be happy and I will never complain about it.) The social taboo associated with the job is my biggest obstacle. Despite living in an enlightened age, we don't give respect and dignity to porn-stars. Saala Dekhte sab hai par koi acknowledge nahi karta..#IITB-CSE(PG)
Life May 4th 2020 374 views

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