hello beautiful souls, hope you all are doing well.

in the world of this generation full of crush, relationship and break up here i am with some different issue. i fell quite odd to shrare this but i hope some of you can relate to this. my problem is i am 19 years and got height 5 foot 2 inches. yup, you saw it right. my height is my problem. i am unable to accept it. i dont want to be this much short. i still have a faith and belief that i will be tall, as i believe nothing in the world is impossible. tried everything i know in this lockdown including tratak meditation, ashwagandha, complan intake, skipping, hanging, avoiding of junk food, avoiding electronic device, tried sound sleep of 8-9 hours, avoiding mast*rbation, binaural beats listening on you tube etc. but nothing has really worked. i ve been trying to avoid factor that cause mw stress. still i think nothing worked to me because i have lots of anxiety and stress. i feel really low, incompetent and i have low self confident being short. much more problems in my life would be solved if i am tall including being a very good bike rider. i just dont know what to do next. please suggest me something. any idea how can i be tall to 5'9" or at least 5'8” at this age.

i know for some this will be joke. tara guys i am in serious trouble. i do hope for your positive responses and your suggestions to be taller.
please please pray for me.
good night.

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    2020-08-13 21:52:41
    Bhai khub sara sex kar aur subah subah running kar

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