What is wrong with me?

I do not age, I do not get old, I have never got sick. I am 40 and am still mistaken for a 20-year-old and often get i.d.’ when buying beers. One day I had to pick up my nephew from his high school, on my way to the head office I was told by a teacher to get back to class. I turned around and assured her I wasn't a student, she didn't believe me and threatened me to the office. After a few minutes of trying to convince her that I am in fact a 40-year-old man here to pick up my nephew, she half believed me with still some doubt so I showed her my i.d. and just then and there it was like I totally shocked her mind body and soul and asked me how come I don't age? I have had countless sexual encounters with partners who were openly HIV positive and I still have not contacted him. I have even tried to purposely get HIV and to this day still remain HIV negative. I smoke drink and do drugs excessively for the past 20 years and I can still run a marathon, I smoke a pack a day. I am scared because when I turn 60 and still look like a young healthy 20-year-old people may start not believing I am who I really say I am. Maybe the government will start asking questions and want to do tests on me, who knows right? I broke my back at work and walked out of the hospital the same day. Every time I injure myself I go through this super quick healing process that fascinates doctors. My senses are hyper strong especially my sight, sense of smell and hearing. I hear and smell things from a faraway distance that nobody else can. I am not trying to be delusional, I know I am not a superhero or something special but maybe more of it is a genetic thing. My great grandfather lived to be 150 years old and my grandfather is 101. Is there anyone else out there that is like me?
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